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Access to Zoom E-learning Online Class Recordings

by Kevin Tuei -

You are hereby notified to liaise with the ODEL/ICT Technical Staff and the Faculty ODEL/ICT Support Administrators at Computer Lab 1 & 2 to access the First Year 2020/2021 online  class recordings during online learning activities. Note that this is applicable only to the online classes that lecturers recorded while teaching. Classes that were not recorded do not have Class Recordings.  

The Recordings have also been availed through a Google Drive link available on the E-learning portal as shown below.

You can use the recordings to revise for your upcoming examinations as well as catch up with the students who took part in online learning during the first four weeks of the semester. 


In case of any queries, send us an email to

Guidelines on Course Enrollment/Unenrollment on the E-learning Portal for Access to Digitized Notes

by Kevin Tuei -

Dear Students, 

Tharaka University College is committed to ensuring quality in teaching and learning. Therefore to complement the materials provided in class, teaching staff avail digitized notes through the e-learning portal. 

To access these notes you are required to self enroll to the units registered for the semester via the web or Tharaka E-learning App. In case of enrollment error you also have the option to self-unenroll from a course via the web. The guidelines are as attached in your email.

In case of any queries, send us an email to or

Congratulations and Welcome all our New Academic Year 2020/2021 Students

by Tharaka University College E-learning -
We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our First Year 2020/21 students for joining Tharaka University College. Notices regarding your online learning will be regularly posted on this forum.

We know that continuous training is key to ensuring success in your online learning. As per your schedule, we will be having a comprehensive training on E-learning Fundamentals during the week of 21st September 2020 to 25th September 2020 for all successfully registered First Year students. Online teaching and learning will commence immediately thereafter.

More details, online learning tips and guidelines will be continuously provided on our website, social media, SMS and your new institutional account.

We are glad to be here to serve you and ensure effective learning and acquisition of skills as you pursue your dream career at Tharaka University College.

In case of any queries regarding your online learning, feel free to reach out to us via email

Tuei Kevin,
Coordinator, Open Distance and E-learning (ODEL)
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